We created VICTOR watches because we were tired of the cookie cutter designs and mass produced minimalist watches that have flooded today's market.

Your wrist watch is your first chance to make a serious statement in any environment or situation you find yourself in.

And trust me, first impressions DO count!

You already know that a watch means way more than just telling time, especially in today's world. We got devices all around us that will do just that, tell the time.

No, a wristwatch is one of the few if not only jewelry piece a modern man should wear today, so don’t go out and wear that same low quality mass produced minimalist watch every Joe around the corner is wearing.





We at VICTOR Watches always believe in the fact that you are the average out of the 5 people closest to you on a daily basis.

So choose those people wisely, make sure to build each other up. Motivate, inspire and push your team to the next level, by bringing quality and value to other peoples lifes!

So go out there, set your goals and discover the world! Allow the VICTOR Watch on your wrist to give you daily reminders about your most important goals and your healthy ambitions.

Have a great and powerful day!
VICTOR Watches